Kalender 2022 ‘Aurele’ fra Cocorrina

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Hvis du synes kalenderen for 2021 fra Cocorrina var vild fantastisk, gennemført & smuk – så vent til du oplever kalenderen for 2022!

Kalenderen for 2022 er skabt med dedikation til magi.

Du finder både krystal inspiration, måne & astrologi for hver måned, urter, elementer, ritualer; alle sammen udførligt forklaret så du kan lære & bruge det.

Læs mere om den her;

(Bemærk den er på engelsk, men er meget nem at forstå)

This year, our planner is dedicated to light work, going back to our roots, and working with the elements around and inside us. There is Magick everywhere you look and in everything you touch, and in 2022 you will learn how to harness that magic and use it to better your life and those around you. 

The AURELE 2022 Planner Features: 

– 12 Months (From January 2022 to December 2022).
– Yearly Moon calendar for 2022.
– Monthly & Weekly Layout.
– A full guide, month by month to learn all about making Magick, with rituals, practice and  spells.

– Guidance, actions and affirmations all throughout the book from the zodiac signs and moon phases.
– Weekly affirmations, astronomical and astrological events, and moon phases.
– The monthly layout on each month, with moon phases, celestial events, zodiac signs and mercury retrogrades.
– Witch’s month information, on correspondences, herbal, crystal and more.

Aurele“the golden” in Latin, is a Witch by blood, heart, spirit, body, and mind. She is you.

While still a planner, Aurele will take you on the most enchanting trip in the new year, teaching you month by month where to find your magic, how to use it, and what to do with it. Consider Aurele as the baby of Grimoire & Book of Shadows blended, to help you stay organized.

This year, we are also introducing some new features, such as notes on Mercury retrogrades, zodiac signs on each moon phase, a more in-depth look into the Witch’s months, celebrations, spells, rituals, and all a luxurious -witch traditional- synthetic leather feel.  

Aurele will work as a base -your book- to learn all about Magick and how to write your Grimoire (the Witch’s textbook on Magick). 

Designed by Cocorrina & Co on environmental friendly paper and prints.

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