The Rose Oracle af Rebecca Campbell

DKK 222,00

Lås op for den hellige visdom i Rosen.

Rosen er et ældgammelt & helligt symbol for gudinder af alle tider & hun holder den potente medicin for disse tider – har du hørt hendes kald?

Den verdensberømte Rebecca Campbell har endnu engang skabt et fuldstændig guddommeligt orakelsæt. Om Rose Oracle siger hun;

I was guided to create this oracle to help lift the veil of the ancient rose mysteries and reconnect you with the sacred energy of The Rose, who I believe is a potent healer for these times. The Rose first came to me in a way that I consciously understood in 2010 and I have been working with Her physically, creatively and spiritually ever since.

This activating, stunning, deep rooted oracle opens the doorway to the physical and mystical teachings of The Rose.

It creates space for you to connect with Her energy, wisdom and breathtaking beauty. The cards are steeped in mystery and the guidebook holds a depth of mystical teachings and research that is rarely seen in oracle decks.

May Her healing mysteries call you home to your own true nature and connect you to the wisdom within.

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